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Fresh Cuts of Meat, including Beef and Pork

There's nothing quite like grilling fresh cuts of meat during the summer months. When you come to Quality Meat Market in Tampa, Florida, you're sure to find the fresh cuts you seek, including a wide variety of beef and pork. 


Choose from a large selection of beef, which is fresh cut daily and ready to grill or freeze. From economy cuts to select grade, our tender, grain-fed beef comes from the Midwest and is sure to be delicious, or your money back!


Browse through our selection of top name brands in trimmed, tender chops, pork butts, lean spare ribs, and baby back ribs. No matter your selection, you're sure to enjoy our juicy cuts of pork.


Stop by to peruse through our vast assortment of top-quality, hormone-free poultry, from leg quarters to breasts and everything in between. Try our new seasoned, boneless breast filets.

Complements for Any Meal

Don't forget to check out our full line of freshly prepared sides to complement your fresh cuts of meat. Choose from homemade coleslaw, turkey pecan salad, southern-style potato salad, and macaroni salad. Other homemade favorites include:
• Ready-to-Cook Meatloaf • Homemade Smoked Barbecue Leg Quarters • Homemade Smoked Barbecue Ribs & Brisket

Additional Items:

• Fresh Produce, including Farm Fresh &
  Bagged Greens
• Dairy & Deli Products
• Fresh Bread
• Seafood
• Soul Food


Big Deals on Fresh Cuts:

$139.00 Deal
Includes Four Pounds of Eight-Ounce T-Bones, Four Pounds of Rib Eye Steaks, Five Pounds of 1/4 Pork Loins, 7 Pounds of Hamburger, 5 Pounds of Cubed Steak, Two Packs of Eight-One Hotdogs, and Six Pounds of Leg Quarters,3 lbs Chicken wings 

$120.00 Deal
Includes Three Pounds of Filet Mignon, Six Pounds of Leg Quarters, Four Pounds of Boneless Chicken Breast, Three Pounds of Hamburger (Three One-Pound Trays), Five Pounds of Hamburger (Two Two-and-a-Half-Pound Trays), Four Pounds of Choice T-Bones, Four Pounds of Pork Butt Steaks, and Five Pounds of 1/4 Pork Loins
$179.00 Deal
Includes Six Pounds of Leg Quarters, Five Pounds of Chicken Breast, Five Pounds of Top Sirloin, Five Pounds of Hamburger (Two Two-and-a-Half-Pound Trays), Four Pounds of T-Bones, Six Pounds of 1/4 Pork Loins, Six Pounds of Cub Steaks, One Kid's Pizza, Five Pounds of Hamburger (Five One-Pound Trays), One Pack of Steak Fries, Two Packs of Corn on the Cobb, & Four Pounds of Country-Style Ribs

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